Accessory Dwelling Units: The Next Big Real Estate Trend

One of our ADU designs, the Santa Cruz Accessory Dwelling Unit with Garage, was selected and featured in a recent Fox News Real Estate article last month alongside a handful of other ADU designs by various firms emphasizing “stylish ADU units that friends and family will beg to stay in.” The article also stated that “ADUs can be eye candy” and “where once municipalities often discouraged ADUs, laws are being amended to encourage them now.” There is no question that cities all across the state are seeing an increase in permit applications for accessory dwelling units as state law and local ordinances are amended to help bring about a solution to the affordable housing shortage. Interest is also expected to grow this year as legislators and local cities continue to propose new, granny flat-friendly policies to accommodate the growing need for affordable housing.

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also commonly referred to as secondary units, in-law suites, granny flats, cottages, guesthouses, and garage apartments, are just a few of the many terms associated with an accessory to a primary residence. ADUs can be anything from a suite above a detached garage, a suite above or below the main residence, or simply a suite attached or detached to or from the main dwelling. In general, they usually have their own entrance, living space, kitchen, and bathroom. Sometimes even a garage or carport may be included much like our Santa Cruz ADU design.

We have assisted multiple homeowners with their ADUs and all of them attest to increased property values, steady income streams, flexibility, and the opportunity and blessing of sharing their lives with others. Moreover, they had the opportunity to express who they are and what they are all about through the process of designing and creating their own unique space. An ADU is a resource that ultimately creates financial independence, but it’s also about community, compassion, and love that can bless you and your family for generations to come.

GFH Architecture, Planning and Graphics has over 30 years of design experience and expertise specializing in custom residential and accessory dwelling units throughout California and the Central Coast. If you are looking into the possibility of adding an ADU to your primary residence or property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you create your next cost-effective design with our in-house experts and our wide-range consultant base.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Portfolio

Santa Cruz Accessory Dwelling Unit with Garage



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