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Insight That Comes With Experience

We place a high degree of importance on excellence in design. We also perceive ourselves to be problem solvers first, sensitive to our clients’ functional requirements as well as time and budgetary constraints. Design excellence and effective problem solving require patience, diligence, attention to detail and close involvement of our firm’s principals with all aspects of the project from inception to completion. gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics will assist you in the achievement of a successful design process for your project.

Architecture Is A Fundamentally Enriching Experience

gfh Architecture is committed to creating public and private spaces that enrich the experience of their users and fundamentally transform the home or workplace. Central to our practice is a strong belief that good design improves and facilitates positive interaction, creating an atmosphere of cooperation in all forms of community.

A Commitment To Green Architecture

Sustainable design begins with careful consideration of the building site’s orientation to the sun and other environmental elements. Our designs are sensitive to issues of resource efficiency. Through the utilization of passive and active solar strategies as well as durable, low-maintenance, environmentally sustainable materials, our buildings are consistently energy efficient.

Our practice is firmly committed to the ideals of energy-efficient, environmentally responsible design practices and construction. Our reputation for sustainable architecture extends over 20 years and forms an integral part of our approach to projects. Wherever possible, we work with and follow LEED guidelines to provide our clients with a design approach that can address each project’s sustainable design needs.

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