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Design Ideas For Updating Bungalows

If you are anything like me, you occasionally find yourself adding new books to your bookshelf or replenishing the collection of books resting on your coffee table... > Read More

April 15, 2016

ADUs: The Next Big Real Estate Trend

One of our ADU designs, the Santa Cruz Accessory Dwelling Unit with Garage, was selected and featured in a recent Fox News Real Estate article last month... > Read More

August 15, 2015

Master Planning Your Property

Site master planning is strategic planning, planning for present needs with an eye toward expansion and the future. The First Phase of this Master Plan is... > Read More

April 15, 2015

Popular Rooms To Remodel

You’ve just unlocked the equity in your home with a new home equity line of credit and you’re looking at the possibility of remodeling a few rooms or converting... > Read More

March 15, 2015

Why An Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also commonly referred to as secondary units, in-law suites, granny flats, cottages, guesthouses, and garage apartments... > Read More

February 15, 2015

Craftsman Style Architecture

During the early 1900s the American Craftsman style also associated with the American Arts and Crafts movement and the Greene brothers, gained popularity as... > Read More

September 15, 2013

Radiant Floor Heating: No Shoes Required

There are numerous ways to heat living space. Some more desirable than others. Among them are forced-air heating, baseboard heating, gas burners, electric... > Read More

January 15, 2012

3D Models And Virtual Walk-Thru

Watch your project come to life with 3D visualization technology. Central to our approach is our extensive use of computer-aided design technologies... > Read More

December 15, 2011

A Quick Look At Passive Solar Design

What is passive solar design? In a passive solar home, the structure itself is strategically designed to accomplish the task of heating and cooling through... > Read More

February 15, 2011

Mission Revival Style Architecture

The Mission Revival Style was an architectural movement during the late 19th century that drew much of its inspiration from the Spanish missions along the coast of California... > Read More

November 15, 2010

Architectural Design Phases

Navigating your way through the planning, design, and construction stages of building projects may at times seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately... > Read More

May 15, 2010

Energy Efficient Design

Here at gfh Architecture planning & Graphics, we endeavor to create intelligent building designs that use conventional forms of passive environmental design... > Read More

April 15, 2010

Interviewing An Architect

The architect(s) you choose to interview and meet with should be able to provide detailed answers to each of the following questions. Typically, you will... > Read More

October 15, 2009

What Is Site Master Planning?

Site master planning is strategic planning, planning for present needs with an eye toward expansion and the future. gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics has... > Read More

July 15, 2009

Why Hire An Architect?

Like many individuals, you may be wondering how an architect can help you achieve your goals for your current project. Though every project varies in scope, an architect... > Read More

March 15, 2009