What Is Site Master Planning?

Site master planning is strategic planning, planning for present needs with an eye toward expansion and the future. gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics has extensive experience in developing long-range plans for private clients. The master planning work that we do encompasses the following objectives:

  • Establishing general goals with you
  • Analyzing physical adjacencies of key functions
  • Physical site planning
  • Meeting and interviewing key personnel
  • Presenting findings at public meetings
  • Developing budget alternatives
  • Phasing scenarios and strategies

The purpose of the Master Plan is really to provide you, the client, with a “road map” for developing your site in a logical manner in hopes of avoiding taking one step forward and two backward. It will be a great tool as you proceed to achieve your vision. One great solution is to learn from the mistakes of others. gfh Architecture can provide you with invaluable experience and insight that will minimize those mistakes and make for a productive venture.

If we can assist you or your organization in the area of master planning your current or future project, please feel free to contact us. We would love to get involved with you in this area.

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