Custom Residence
"We chose Gary Harcourt to design our home after a fruitless search for existing homes. We have a unique piece of hilly land with the building lot in the midst of an oak forest.

Gary did an unbelievable job of placing the home on the land. When people see it, they comment that it looks like the home has been there 'forever' due to the placement in the trees, though it's only been 10 years.

The interior design was very collaborative and working against a budget. Gary was able to accurately cost out the options we were considering in a way that made it possible to make the best decisions for our family and our wallet.

We love our home and visitors always comment on the unique beauty and livability of our home. We highly recommend Gary Harcourt to anyone considering his services."

- T. Lawrie
Vintage Simi Hills
"I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Gary Harcourt and GFH Architecture, with whom I worked with on a project at Vintage Senior Living.

I hired Gary as the architect for our Alzheimer’s renovation located 5300 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA (also known as Vintage Simi Hills).

Gary and his team demonstrated extreme professionalism and responsiveness. His knowledge of building codes, familiarity of city processes, and team efforts allowed us to obtain our construction permits earlier than anticipated.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Gary again and I have no hesitation in recommending him for his services."

-Kevin Shirata, Project Manager
“Excellent and timely service. Never had to wonder if our best interests were being served, or if there were ‘new’ or ‘complicated’ issues requiring additional time and expense. Highly recommend.”

-Anonymous, Client
“Gary Harcourt designed an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that we built for a client roughly two years ago. Gary’s plan made great use of the site’s orientation on the property and made great use of the limited space (he was limited to less than 600 square feet due to local building code). The ADU feels spacious, light and efficient. Gary’s plan was easy to follow as a builder and not over built. The project went smoothly from start to finish and the architect should get much of the credit for that.”

-Anonymous, Client
Country Care Convalescent
"I have had the pleasure of working with GFH Architecture for approximately two years. During this time I have worked very closely with Gary Harcourt and his staff in dealing with a variety of situations involving numerous state agencies.

As Inspector of Record for the Country Care Convalescent Hospital Expansion Project, I worked with Gary Harcourt who was the project Architect of record. Due to changes initiated by the owner, Contractor and OSHPD, this project developed a lot of paper work. I found the ability of Mr. Harcourt and his staff to track all of the paper trail and maintain current change order status a great asset in reviewing the project with the many state agencies involved with the construction of a hospital.

Gary has always presented his self with the upmost professionalism as an Architect as well as a Construction Manager. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary Harcourt and his staff for any project, whether it is a small remodel or a large development."

-Bill G. Barker Jr.
"It’s with much pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Mr. Gary Harcourt, owner, architect of GFH Architecture, Planning and Graphics. I have been personally aware of his fine work for some time, but have worked directly with him only for the last years or so. He has been involved in the planning and design of the new campus for North County Christian School. I serve the school as Chairman of the School Board, and as unofficial head of the building committee.

Gary has proven to be creative, dependable, and flexible and possesses impressive interpersonal skills. He has worked well with government officials during the planning process and consequently we have substantial good will on their part. While we are only at the preliminary design phase, it is clear that his thinking on our behalf extends through to project completion. He presents alternatives well, and actively listens to the comments of others.

I look forward to a continuing relationship with Gary as we continue the development of the new campus. It is really great to work closely with Gary."

-Mike Neiggemann
Church Project
"We are most grateful for your generous contribution in helping to make the ADCare facility possible at our church.

The professional services you performed makes this service to our elder citizens within our reach.

Please be mindful that your gift is recognized and appreciated by all who will help and be helped through this ministry."

Paul S. Ray
Pastor and Moderator

Hugh L. Thomas
Chairman, Trustees
First Bank of SLO
"As I have stated on many occasions in the past, First Bank feels that you made significant contributions to the successful remodeling of our Bank’s headquarters.

Your ability to work with the undersigned and our interior decorator was very much appreciated. You contributed a number of the key interior design elements.

The building has, I’m proud to say, received a high award from the Obispo Beautiful Association."

Lynn W. Lyon
First Bank of San Luis Obispo
Valley Community Hospital
"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Harcourt of gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics on an intense remodeling project encompassing an operating room and support spaces at the Santa Maria Valley Community Hospital.

As Inspector of Record for that project and others at that institution, I worked with Mr. Harcourt in inspecting the construction of that job and found him quite competent and able in his knowledge of the project and in expediting the job.

I always found Mr. Harcourt and his staff to present themselves in a professional manner and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him for your design and management needs for any medical or skilled nursing project."

Raymond E. Baird
Country Care Convalescent
"We want you to know how pleased we are with your planning and architectural services in the development of our nineteen bed addition and remodel of Country Care Convalescent Hospital.

Your firm has been of great assistance to us in our work with the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, Facilities Planning and now the Farmers Home Administration.

The addition and remodel of our hospital has presented many problems, which your firm has continued to meet with imaginative and economical solutions. Should you ever need a good reference…use us!"

J. Mike Arrambide
Executive Director
Atascadero Christian Home
Custom Residence
"Hi Gary,
I just received the plans you sent me. They are magnificent! Now I understand why it took you the time it did to finalize them. They are quite complex. I went over them last night (Through the areas I could understand) and all appears to be there!

It’s going to be a great home. You have done an awesome job putting our thoughts and your imagination on paper. I can’t wait to see it blossom into reality.

I could have made other choices hiring a local architect but I am glad I chose you. I don’t think I could have made a better choice.

Thanks for being there! I look forward to working with you some more!"

-Raul Cano
Lake Pavilion Community Center
"Please accept this letter of recommendation for Mr. Gary F. Harcourt’s work as an architect. We have been fortunate to work with Mr. Harcourt’s firm on several projects.

One of these projects, currently underway is the renovation and expansion of our Lake Pavilion Community Center in Atascadero. Mr. Harcourt has been resourceful in design and function and has been a real asset to us in working with community groups and the City of Atascadero.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

-J. Mike Arrambide, President.
Atascadero Improvement Corporation.
Church of the Nazarene
"Dear Gary,
I wish to express my gratitude to you for your fine assistance in the design and preparation of working drawings for the implementation of phases 2 and 3 of our proposed Master Plan Development for our present site, which consists of additional parking and site access and the sanctuary expansion of 260 seats with additional space added to our 'Robin’s Hall.'

It is always a pleasure working with you not only as our Architect, but as an active member of our church, previous church boards, Sunday school teacher and committee head. I praise God for your faithfulness to our Lord and the furthering of His kingdom which is evident in every area of your life."

Pastor Jack Smith
Atascadero Church of the Nazarene
Valley Community Hospital
"This letter is long overdue, but I wanted you to know that the O.R. remodel project was a great accomplishment for Valley Community Hospital.

I think your creativity and vision with a near impossible conversion enabled the project to move ahead. I appreciated your role as architect in the project for seeking state approvals, “turn around time,” and for the impact the project has had on the staff in providing a much improved working environment. gfh Architecture demonstrated true professionalism having to work alongside multiple disciplines such as consultants, contractors, equipment suppliers, project manager, and myself, Ray Baird the State Inspector.

I sincerely hope that we can work together on future projects. If I can provide a reference to anyone who may want to secure your services, I will be most willing. Again, thank you for a most successful project."

-Maric Whitford
MS Builders

Hello Gary,

Nice meeting you too, I’m glad that we finally put faces to names. Oftentimes, oddly enough, we rarely if ever, see the architect or designer on site, after the project has broken ground. It always seemed strange to me that the designer wouldn’t want to see how their creation turned out and to receive feedback so I appreciate your approach. I’ve included some alley shots taken in recent weeks. The ADU really turned out well, you have a keen eye for how to efficiently use space, while adding interesting lines and incorporating creative use of light. It was a fun build! I’ll keep you in mind for future projects. It seems like you have a wealth of experience and knowledge which is invaluable to us builders.

-Marc Susskind
M.S. Builders

Dear Gary,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to express my appreciation for the architectural services you provided at Hummel Village Senior Community. You were able to make a quick assessment of our issue with the County of Santa Barbara and were able to prepare the plans necessary for us to address our compliance issue. You were able to match our deadlines in a smooth and professional manner, and we were able to get through the issues without delay. We wish you well in your endeavors and look forward to working with you as we make the transition from independent units to assisted care units in the not too distant future.

Lynn Simonsen
Managing Member for Hummel Village