Our Services


gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics represents over three decades of innovative and forward-thinking designs and construction experience. The principal Architect, Gary F. Harcourt, has directed a wide range of commercial, residential and institutional architectural projects.
Here at gfh Architecture we are committed to crafting high quality and inspiring yet functional built spaces. We believe that one style does not reflect the essence of each client, but that each client deserves a space that reflects what he or she is “all about.” For this reason gfh Architecture utilizes an imaginative and creative design process, balancing form and function, economy and time while going “outside the box” to exhaust all possibilities. The result is a diverse and distinguished body of work, and a product that enriches the quality of life for both the user and community at large.

Master Planning

Site master planning is strategic planning, planning for present needs with an eye toward expansion and the future.

gfh Architecture has extensive experience in developing long-range plans for private clients.


-Establishing generals goal with you
-Analyzing physical adjacencies of key functions
-Physical site planning
-Meeting and interviewing key personnel
-Presenting findings at public meetings
-Developing budget alternatives
-Phasing scenarios and strategies


gfh Architecture has a unique and proven, successful approach to discovering creative design solutions for each individual project. The firm's design philosophy is accomplished by the blend of a highly professional staff working in close concert with the principal architect, Gary F. Harcourt, to carefully balance the various economic, environmental, and jurisdictional factors unique to each project.

This combination of disciplines has resulted in many workable, creative design solutions and many satisfied clients. From residential to commercial, new or remodel/additions, architecture or design-build, we can help you create and produce your next cost-effective and functional design with our in-house experts and our wide-range consultant base.

Community Participation

At the center of gfh Architectures design philosophy are the communities that define the facilities we develop. We respect that each facility and each community are unique. With many of our projects for public agencies and institutions, we develop successful approaches through working with councils, commissions, city departments, administrators, building committees and involved citizens. We use community meetings and hands-on workshops to arrive at a consensus. We help develop and define what functional, civic and social needs each community facility needs to fulfill. We provide leadership and guidance throughout this process, working with the decision-makers and participants. Our design process is dedicated to creating spaces that encourage cooperation within the community and opportunities for sustainable design.